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Window Glass

Dec 29 2010 Published by Wulf under Poetry

Window Glass

by Wulf Losee


I can feel the pressure of the sun’s light through the plate glass. I close my eyes, and I can feel the quantum surf singing through the window. I can feel the light’s heat on my face. It is a solar flare that echoes down the corridor behind me. For that moment I wish that I could dissolve into that ocean of light.


In the parking lot the sun dogs play. They dance on the autos’ windshield glass and poke their playful rays between the slats of the discolored yellowed blinds, to pierce the air-conditioned shadows of the coffee shop with slit-fingers that stroke my hands and book — glowing lines of solitude in a busy place.


Just before the edge of evening, the light falls against the wall in the last warm spectrum of the afternoon. It rises around us to greet our shadows, and the last illumination of a hanging photograph fades like a morning star and is carried across into the underworld, into the afterglow of the blue hour.

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